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Forms and documents

Here you can find forms for requisition of funds and relevant documents for continuous follow-up in the project work.

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Request for Funding

The final request for funds must be submitted to Union to Union by 1 December at latest.

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Reporting 2022

Reporting of the project or program, inclusive the innovative projects for 2022 shall reach Union to Union no later than 1 March 2023. The reports must include the following:

1. Narrative Report on results and financial outcome

2. Activity matrix

3. Budget/Outcome report (update the Excel template used in the midterm reporting, please send the Excel file also)

4. Audit Reports (ISA and ISRS, refer to the updated version of the Audit instructions:

5. Management Letter by a chartered accountant.

6. The corresponding Management Response must be submitted by 15 March at the latest.

If Partner information has changed the updated version must be submitted

Please use the instructions for financial reporting.


Local partners

Assets in a project

In accordance with the requirements of Union to Union, if equipment with lasting value is acquired with project funds, the ownership of the equipment must formally be transferred to the projects local partner within the project’s agreement period, if not used in subsequent project with the approval of Union to Union. If the value of the equipment exceeds 5000 Euros, a copy of the transfer of ownership must be included to the project’s final financial report. If the value of the equipment is less than 5000 Euros a copy of the transfer of ownership does not need to be sent to Union to Union but be kept in the project records for control and audit purposes.


Sample field agreement 

In accordance with the requirements of Union to Union, when funds are transferred to another partner organisation within the project chain, the Swedish unions and Global unions must sign an agreement with that organisation. This sample agreement has been produced as an example to be used by our partner organisations.

Code of Conduct (pdf, 1 MB)
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Tools for development projects

Here you can find guidelines and policies for the development cooperation.

Financial and administrative organisational assessment

Guidelines and templates for administrative and financial assessments of partners (coming soon, to be updated)

Thematic analysis

In the application for projects that are carried out it must be stated at both program and project level, which analyses that have been carried out in the following areas: Equality, conflict, poverty, environment and climate and rights perspective.

Union to Union also recommends Sidas web site: Metoder-och-material

Guidelines for project evaluations

Please use the following templates for Sida financed projects



Code of Conduct (pdf, 1 MB)
Anti Corruption Policy (pdf, 805 KB)

Reference material application

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Mid Term Report 2023

The Mid Term Report and a financial update  shall be sent to your Programme officer at latest 15 August.

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