About us

Union to Union is a secular and non-partisan non-profit organization. Its members are the LO (the Swedish Trade Union Confederation), Saco (the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations) and TCO (the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees).

Union to Union promotes decent work, democracy, a fair distribution of resources, and sustainable development. To create a decent life for all, we promote human rights at work and support the creation and the strengthening of unions.

Union to Union co-operates with, and supports trade union organizations globally, through 99 development projects in approximately 80 countries.

Our collaboration includes exchange of experiences, advocacy and education in different trade union issues; human rights at work, trade union leadership, occupational health and safety, gender equality, social dialogue, climate change, HIV/AIDS, and more.

Union to Union also supports and initiates awareness-raising activities in Sweden, to strengthen knowledge of international trade union development co-operation and its relevance for development.